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CEO, Startup Junkie, WorkTech Nerd

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Hey there, I'm Adam, and I'm absolutely obsessed with revolutionizing the world of recruitment for the future.

On a relentless mission, I aim to build the ultimate marketplace for pre-vetted, diverse, and high-potential candidates, seamlessly connecting them with companies. My goal is to transform the job application process, prioritizing candidate experience and facilitating companies in hiring their most dedicated team members, whether they're at 1 or 100 employees.

Recruitment isn't just a job for me; it's my lifestyle. I can engage in extensive conversations on every aspect of organizational growth, focusing on people – be it attraction, retention, culture fit, alignment, or best practices in the modern world.

Entrepreneurship is in my blood, and my current venture, HiredHippo, stands as a testament to my commitment to reshape recruitment and redefine the candidate experience.

As the Founder and CEO, I've pioneered a hiring marketplace that brings together candidates and companies, operating like a dating app but for professional connections, bidding farewell to traditional hiring.

My journey began with Linkus Group, a recruitment firm that I founded to support startups and SMBs in Canada and the US. I noticed a gap in the industry and set out to disrupt recruitment. With a focus on companies under 50 people, we're making waves in the recruitment landscape.

Known for fostering strong relationships with clients, I'm recognized as an honest, driven, and forward-thinking individual, actively engaged in the tech, startup, and small business community.

I'm the Co-Creator of The TalentHelp List, Co-Creator of DisruptHR Vaughan, and have previously chaired the HRPA PD Dinner Committee.

No matter what, my leading key performance indicator? Its recurring clients – a clear testament to the undeniable value my team and I bring to the table.

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welcome, take a seat

  • Recruitment Obsessed

  • WorkTech Pioneer

  • Talent Magnet

  • Visionary Dude

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interviews in a click.

I founded SMBs top choice for hiring pre-vetted high-potential go-to-market candidates and verified companies in Canada.

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recruitment redefined.

Linkus Group is a high-touch and well-connected HR & Recruitment agency firm who is proud to support 500+ growing startups and SMBs looking to make a big impact.

We work with Founders, Startups and SMBs 1-100 to help make the best early hires in Executive, Technology, Revenue and Operations roles. We work with a select few companies to maximize our customer's internal time and productivity.

  • Enhance Attraction To Win The Best Candidates

  • Discover Talent That Changes The Game


  • Create A Culture That Streamlines Synergy


  • Retain Their Top Most Upskilled Team Members For The Long Run

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I empower companies to

Recruitment isn't only about filling roles well, it's recognizing HR as the engine that fuels the future of our economic ecosystem and shapes the synergy between human talent and WorkTech advances.

Adam Gellert

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my mission

to craft a paramount marketplace linking pre-vetted, high-potential candidates with rising, growth-promising companies.

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my philosophy

recreating the job application process to enhance career journeys and recruitment integration, while empowering companies to discover their most aligned and valuable team members yet! 


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Don't just take our word for it! Take their word for it:

"Breath of fresh air to use for candidate quality!"

- Alex N. Senior Talent Specialist, TouchBistro

"10/10 would recommend!"

- Joseph F. CEO, Kite

"The quality of candidates far exceeded expectations."

- Martin H. Head of Talent, CoinSquare

"Adam helped us get from 10 people to 50 and put us in a position to hire great people in the earliest stages."

- Cole Diamond, CEO at Coinsquare

"After 2 months, hundreds of hours of interviews, I turned to Adam from Linkus Group to help find our first CSM for our fast growing start-up. We had a signed offer less than 2 weeks later. Linkus Group helped us find higher quality candidates without having to sift through the noise, and helped us manage the candidate experience."

- Adam B, Founder of LumiQ

"Adam gets an A+ in my book. He’s become a trusted friend, advisor and recruiter. I should’ve started working with him when I founded our startup - it would’ve saved me a lot of stress and hair. He’s friendly, trustworthy and takes great care of his clients. I’d highly recommend working with him and his team to build yours."

- Cole Diamond, CEO at Coinsquare

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I just launched a podcast talking all things recruitment.


Tune in to hear my top insights from the industry...

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let's make it happen

Ready to enter the recruitment space?

Click below for 1-on-1 guidance!

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